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Security System
Alarm System
Product Code: JA8 & JA32

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Product Description

Security System Alarm System

Advance Smart Home Alarm System - JA8 & JA32

Special Features:

•Delay Time Counter
Display the exit/entry delay time.
•Timer Display
Indicate the preset on/off timer for alarm and automation.
Alarm indication/memory.
System trouble indication.
•Auto Home Arming
This is normal type of arming which require all zone status is close.
•Day Arming
Interior zone automatically bypass.
•Night Arming
Interior zone automatically bypass. No exit/entry delay countdown.
•Force Arming
Arm instantly regardless of the zone status.
•Away Arming
This icon indicates that the system is remotely by phone.
•Zone Bypass
Temporary remove the zone from protection. Selected by user.
•Chime Mode
On/off the chime sound.
Panic triggered indication.
Emergency trigged indication.
Fire triggered indication.
•Home Automation
Indication for automation mode. Control outputs and check output status.